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Scotland for a month


Never could imagine how short the timespan of a whole month is. Now I know well, its rather short, when being up in western Scotland. To be precise, we started our stroll over the north-western isles of Scotland on Lewis with it’s amazing Neolithic monuments and storm-tossed cliffs on the outer edge of Europe and visited beautiful beaches on Harris before crossing over to the Isle of Skye. Gosh, this wonderful island was so busy after the wast emptiness of Lewis and Harris. But we managed to avoid the crowds quite good and nestled ourselves on the outermost western edge nearby famous Neist Point. A perfect place to explore the well-known spots like the Trotternish peninsula, Talisker Bay and the Cuillins. A quick detour to Elgol was followed by a week on the Isle of Eigg. What a treasure! We’re still impressed by the unexpected beauty of this small unknown island. Unfortunately we had to leave earlier than planned – or stay longer than expected, thanks to a low-pressure area with gusty winds. It’s been a bit tricky to reach the Isle of Mull, but we finally did with a detour to Oban. Mull is kind of „Jurassic Park“: wild, secluded, spectacular. True heaven for landscape photographers. Click on the image or the following link to watch more photographs of Scotland:

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Alleyways of Lindau

The outdoor season 2016 is over. Some first snow is covering the high mountains. Its rainy, cold and foggy. Perfect conditions for heating up the fire, and strolling through alleyways of lovely old towns around Lake Constance. Anna and I took the chance to meet at Lindau and produce some very unusual photographs in my portfolio. Its real fun breaking the self-imposed rules from time to time.


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Deep in the heart of Swiss mountains

Sustenpass, Chli Sustenhorn (CH)Originally we (Peter, Eva and me) planned a two days nude art photo shoot with a British model from London. Unfortunately she missed her flight because of some unpredictable reasons. Traffic in London is sometimes total chaos, I know that well. So, what to do in the middle of Switzerland without a model? Well, taking pictures of some mountains would be an obvious answer to the question. So we did and we returned to true photography without any haste and preasure. Its always a kind of meditation to wait minutes, maybe even hours in pouring rain for the right light, for the clouds clearing up and that one special moment when pressing the button and sitting down for some further minutes just to let the camera do the work. Its very relaxing and calming. I had the fortune to get my new 15 stop Super Stopper from LeeFilters to complete my collection of Stoppers and ND-Filters right before the departure. So I had no need to change my workflow even about noon.

Despite the fact we had something different in mind, the disappointment of not meeting our model was washed away by the fantastic surrounding of the Urner Alpen and Berner Alpen. Thanks to Thomas Michel from the Alpin Center Sustenpass for being (once again) so kind and caring. Its always a pleasure to stay in your cosy house.

More Switzerland? Click on the image or this link:

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Austria …

_d5a7410_2I had the pleasure to visit some nice places in Austria the last days. My trip started at the Tannheimer Tal in the northern part of  Tyrol and ended at the beautiful Hallstätter See and Bad Goisern in Upper Austria. I’m really pleased with the results of some rainy late evening black and white photo sessions.

More Austria? Click on the image or this link: to see a whole bunch of black and white photographs from the „Alpenrepublik“ – from Lake Constance to the far east of the Alps, with the Traunstein mountain towering majestically over Traunkirchen and the Traunsee.

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Black Forest Sessions

I had two sessions deep in the heart of Black Forest lately, which I wanted to do since ages, but we never managed to do. Time flies. But luckily Mel and Dorothy have been patient and I’m quite thankful for their persistence. Both shootings have been rather unusual for my portfolio. Mel is intensly tattooed, which I usually avoid. But her body art is imho true art, her entire body is divided into a „forest side“ and a „sea side“ what fitted perfectly to our location at a white water in the southern part of the „Hotzenwald“. Dorothy is originaly from Hong Kong. Her look and her silkiness are just perfect as a contrast to the large granite boulders I found in the centre of the Black Forest.

Thank you both, you are fabulous.



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Denisa and some rushing waterfalls

I got a last-minute shooting cancelation for the past weekend and decided to reply to the kind offer of Denisa Strakova from Prague. Her perfectly shaped body and her performance is stunning, if not breathtaking – when she scrambles over slippery rocks to reach the perfect spot between two rushing waterfalls. Its always nice (and highly productive) to work with a model who is working with deep passion for art and a palpable desire for good photography.

I’ve choosen a „secret“ spot in a remote valley in the Appenzell Alps as location, which I know quite well from several hiking days. On weekdays, only rushing waterfalls disturb the peace of the quiet and hidden countryside. Its a perfect place to calm down and feel nature.


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Elle Beth on the red rocks …

It seems to become a well-loved tradition to spend a few days in May with an international nude art supermodel and my good friend Peter in the Palatinate Forest. Last year we enjoyed the time with Lulu Lockhart, this year we had the pleasure to invite Elle Beth from London. Again we’ve been two days in the stunning sandstone landscape around Pirmasens, Dahn and Hauenstein (the „Dahner Felsenland“) with its spectacular sheer rock walls and free standing pillars and another day in the sand dunes nearby the city of Speyer. And again I’m struggeling with picking out the best pictures … Well, life can be really, really hard.


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Dutch impressions

I’ve been on a trip to Holland and Belgium lately. Luckily I found some rare moments of spare time during this demanding business travel to create a few B&W-photographies of various windmills and – of course – the famous Zeelandbrug.

Zeelandbrugge 1Paard van MarkenWindmill 1.1.Zeelandbrugge  2Windmill 1.2.KinderdijkZeelandbrugge 3Zeelandbrugge 4Zeelandbrugge 5Zeelandbrugge 6Damme, Oude Sluissedijk 1Damme, Oude Sluissedijk 2

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I’ve been to my beloved Luxembourg again. Somehow I contracted a passion for this little country during my regular vistits over the past years. But I never worked in black & white over there, let alone for nude art. So it has really been about time to fill in the blank, starting with a short series of pictures I called Eifelwasser, even when shot on both sides of the fortunately invisible border between „Lëtzebuerg“ and Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate). The first two pictures have been taken at the lovely Schiessentümpel waterfall of the „Schwarze Ernz“ nearby Müllerthal (Heringer Millen), right in the heart of  „Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland„. The other photos originated nearby Irrel, where the river prüm rushes over a landslide dating back to last Ice Age. That’s a quite powerful place to work at. Its been a great pleasure to combine my models (Gabienne and Kerstin) with the force of the river between the huge above head height sandstone bolders.


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First days of spring. Yay!

Gosh! My last nude art photo shoots date back to late September 2015. This has been a long winter (and in fact not a very wintery one – however!). Gladly I could arrange two splendid stressless and easy shooting days this week. These have been rather short – just a couple of hours – and nearby my hometown. But it was the perfect way to get into the flow again. Thanks to Anna and Ela for their patience, courage and groove during these hours of rediscovering and revival. Sometimes its really easy to dissipate doubts – if you have the right people around you.
To be continued in two weeks. 🙂


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