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my personal haven

Everybody needs a safe haven, where you can cut yourself off from business, ringing phones, incoming mails, facebook beeping, … and all the anoying noises of day-to-day life. Mine are some tiny moorland lakes, deep […]

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For those able to read Spanish …

… take a look right here, taken from a mexican art magazine:

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From above …

A remote valley in the Austrian Alps, a high bridge traversing a narrow gorge, a rushing mountain torrent and a brave model trusting you … perfect ingredients for a succesful photo session:

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English (late) summer rain.

In fact, there has been not too much of it, exept on the days when I met Madame Bink in Cumbria and Lulu Lockhart and Tim Pile in the Yorkshire Dales. The other days of […]

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Portfolio is published in Dodho Magazine

Dodho Magazine, a free independent magazine and publishing house based in Barcelona, is now showing my „simbiosa … women, rocks, water“-portfolio, connected with an article about me, my way of working and some nice anecdotes […]

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simbiosa 2016

Finally done … ! SIMBIOSA 2016 on its way to the stores worldwide. Thanks a.o. to Lulu Lockhart​, Rebecca Imogen Tun​, Rubia Stri​ and Romi Muse​. DIN A4: 978-3-664-63817-8, € 19,90 DIN A3: 978-3-664-63816-1, € […]

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Swiss days with Romi Muse

I managed to spend three breathtaking days in the Swiss Alps with free flying bird Romi Muse, a Chile born travel nomad from Barcelona. Despite our consecutive melting in the merciless heat during these days, […]

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Ché Magazine Belgium

Just received the newest issue of Belgian Ché magazine in my postbox when coming back from the beach, with a nice pictured 8-pages story about my work. This is some cool stuff guys! Thanks a […]

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Elbe Sandstone Mountains and Rebecca Tun

That very moment, when your’re realising that two „long-cherished wishes“ came true. I’ve the pleasure to be back from a fabulous shoot on the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, right on the German-Czech border with Rebecca Tun​. […]

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