Zen trees packed in snow

Didn’t we all think there will be now winter at the Bodensee (Lake Constance) this season? Well, there was – at leat a few days. So I forced myself to crawl out of bed in the very early morning for a couple of days to do some calligraphy around the Lake. I really enjoyed these morning hours at the Bodensee and in the rolling Linzgau hills. A calm and quiet landscape, frozen over and packed in snow. Black snow clouds rushing by, wrapping everything in a cotton wool like surrounding in seconds. Suddenly disappearing as fast as they came and giving space for bright morning light. Nice to know as well, that there are still places around, where you can be all alone for a couple of hours. Walking through a wintery snowy landscape without meeting anyone, looking around for shapes and contrasts, freezing on the right place for the perfect light and waiting until the camera did its work is pure meditation, pure Zen. I loved it.
Following you will find some recent black & white images from theses rare winter days at the Bodensee. Please find some more images in the galleries.

snowwhite and the seven dwarfs, #1_D5A0378_2.jpgzen trees, study #3old jetty, #1poles, study #3ice floats dancing with reetbath house, Wasserburg, #1single tree and signal_D5A0310_2.jpgstepstones, #1_D5A0316_2.jpgzen trees, study #2_D5A0399_2.jpg_D5A0331_2.jpg_D5A0366_2.jpg

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my precious …

During autum – when no photoshootings took place, I used the time to participate in a handful of photo contests … here are the results:

IMG_0317-FBPSA Gold medal – 2nd International Salon of Photography „BUNDORAN 2015“, Ireland

SALON Gold medal – 2nd Circular Exhibition of Photography „VOJVODINA CIRCUIT 2015“, Novi Sad

SALON Bronze medal – 2nd Circular Exhibition of Photography „VOJVODINA CIRCUIT 2015“, Kula

SALON Bronze medal – 2nd International Salon of Photography „VUKOVAR EXHIBITION 2015“

FIAP Honorable mention, 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography „DPW SER MNE BIH CIRCUIT 2015“, Salon Serbia

PSA Honorable mention, 3rd Circular Exhibition of Photography „Three Country Grand Circuit 2015“, Ireland

PSA Honorable mention, 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography „BALKAN CIRCUIT 2015“, Novi Sad

SALON Honorable mention, 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography „DPW SER MNE BIH CIRCUIT 2015“, Salon Montenegro

SALON Honorable mention, 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography „BALKAN CIRCUIT 2015“, Podgorica

SALON Honorable mention, 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography „BALKAN CIRCUIT 2015“, Kotor

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my personal haven

Everybody needs a safe haven, where you can cut yourself off from business, ringing phones, incoming mails, facebook beeping, … and all the anoying noises of day-to-day life. Mine are some tiny moorland lakes, deep in the heart of the quiet and unfrequented „hinterland“ of Lake Constance. Its a place where I can sit down without thinking about anything, switching on my camera without the need to produce something big, without haste and preasure. There is always time and space to try something new, playing around with the unusual … like today: the results are three studies of some birch trees, mirroring in tiny moorland ponds while swaying in the wind.


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For those able to read Spanish …

… take a look right here, taken from a mexican art magazine: http://culturacolectiva.com/el-equilibrio-del-desnudo-femenino-con-la-naturaleza

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-03 um 08.24.08

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From above …

A remote valley in the Austrian Alps, a high bridge traversing a narrow gorge, a rushing mountain torrent and a brave model trusting you … perfect ingredients for a succesful photo session:


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English (late) summer rain.

In fact, there has been not too much of it, exept on the days when I met Madame Bink in Cumbria and Lulu Lockhart and Tim Pile in the Yorkshire Dales. The other days of our three weeks trip through England where bright, warm, sunny and relaxing. I am still a bit gutted about the weather on the Cumbrian peninsula, when I was strolling over the Hutton Roofs with lovely Madame Bink. Its been cold, windy (almost stormy) and in the end even raining heavily. Pour girl. Bink was so brave and defiant of the ugly conditions. So thanks to her, we created some nice photos. I would have been to lazy to go outside.

Thank god, there where better conditions on the day with Lulu and Tim – but cold and windy as well. At least, it was warm enough (for Britons) to have a huge ice-cream on our accent to Twisleton Scar. Thanks to the lovely ice-cream vendor for taking the picture and to Tim for a tasty 99 (so – what is true in the end?) and the pic (I’ve taken the liberty). Twisleton Scar is a nice place, famous for its landscape pictures. Everybody knows the hundreds and thousands of photos of the lonelys hawhorn trees in front of mighty Ingleboroughs shape in sunset. Well, we gave it a try as a thankfully not too overcrowded place for art nude. I learned that creating art nude photos outdoor is something else in England, than in mainland Europe. Its more hide and seek, than the guy from Germany is used to … and paying attention to. *big grin* Over here, we mostly don’t care about walkers and cyclists coming by. But despite all tourists around and some wolly observers, we managed to shoot some great pictures. Thanks to both, Lulu and Tim, for the great day and the memorable time.


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Portfolio is published in Dodho Magazine

Dodho Magazine, a free independent magazine and publishing house based in Barcelona, is now showing my „simbiosa … women, rocks, water“-portfolio, connected with an article about me, my way of working and some nice anecdotes from recent shootings:



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simbiosa 2016

Finally done … !

SIMBIOSA 2016 on its way to the stores worldwide.
Thanks a.o. to Lulu Lockhart​, Rebecca Imogen Tun​, Rubia Stri​ and Romi Muse​.

DIN A4: 978-3-664-63817-8, € 19,90
DIN A3: 978-3-664-63816-1, € 29,90
DIN A2: 978-3-664-63818-5, € 49,90
DIN A5: 978-3-664-63819-2, € 18,90


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Swiss days with Romi Muse

I managed to spend three breathtaking days in the Swiss Alps with free flying bird Romi Muse, a Chile born travel nomad from Barcelona. Despite our consecutive melting in the merciless heat during these days, its been great fun to cool down when crawling underneath the unreal extraterrestrial world of ice fields, taking refreshing showers in roaring white waters rushing down from bizarrely shaped glaciers and lying on the „hot stone“s of solid red and black striped gneiss of the Urner Alpen and coming „home“ while the upcoming night starts crawling over the peaky mountain crests, reaching out with its skinny fingers for the last light of the day.

Not to forget a delicious blueberry pie (well to be honest, two pieces for each), cheesy Rösti during the alpenglow and Romis first taste of Rivella (… which is a famous Swiss soft-drink, (not kidding) made on the basis of whey/milk serum).

These days have been some sublime hours up there.
Thanks very much Romi, its been a pleasure.

I enjoyed it a lot.


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