The Urner Alps, right in the heart of the Swiss Alps are a region of true wilderness. Huge rocky mountains towering over lost valleys and icy glaciers giving birth to thundering waterfalls create an unspoiled landscape which could originate from a J. R. R. Tolkien saga. Working here is really hard work. You need to walk to your location, sometimes it takes hours and hours of hiking and climbing over rocky terrain, through rushing streams and over slippery snow fields to get the right place. Nowhere else on this continent one could be this close to mother nature. The Horefelli, a nearly forgotten alpine pasture in a side valley of the river Gottardreuss, is a substitution of a wide range of different places in the centre of Switzerland which I visit regulary between early summer and autumn. I love being up there, braving the elements, taking photographs with and without models (take a look) or just sitting and enjoying the scenery. Thanks to my models, helping me creating these pictures: Zoi Morgan, Romi Muse, Lily Gilbert, Nicole Rayner, Aurora Sprengel (Poetic Minx), Nilo, Amélie and Sophie.

Aurora (Poetic.Minx)Aurora (Poetic.Minx)Aurora (Poetic.Minx)Nicole RaynerNicole RaynerLily GilbertRomi MuseNiloNiloRomi MuseRomi MuseRomi MuseAmélieRomi MuseRomi MuseSophieNiloRomi MuseRomi MuseNiloNiloNilo and AmélieNilo and AmélieZoi MorganZoi Morgan