No doubt, I have three prefered sujets in my work: water, mountains and nude art. To be able to combine all three is fabulous, yet it’s over and over again a challenge for model and photographer. Cold water, hard granite rocks, slippery ground and the long exposure times are a real hardness test. Thanks to brave models like NiLo, Katharina and Ella Rose, Anna-Lena and Clara such photographs are the result of some hard working days during the last 6 years at the Murgtal, one of the most impressive valleys of the Black Forest.

Anna-LenaAnna-LenaAnna-LenaClaraClaraNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoNiLoKatharinaKatharinaElla Rose MuseElla Rose MuseElla Rose MuseElla Rose MuseElla Rose Muse