Scotland for a month


Never could imagine how short the timespan of a whole month is. Now I know well, its rather short, when being up in western Scotland. To be precise, we started our stroll over the north-western isles of Scotland on Lewis with it’s amazing Neolithic monuments and storm-tossed cliffs on the outer edge of Europe and visited beautiful beaches on Harris before crossing over to the Isle of Skye. Gosh, this wonderful island was so busy after the wast emptiness of Lewis and Harris. But we managed to avoid the crowds quite good and nestled ourselves on the outermost western edge nearby famous Neist Point. A perfect place to explore the well-known spots like the Trotternish peninsula, Talisker Bay and the Cuillins. A quick detour to Elgol was followed by a week on the Isle of Eigg. What a treasure! We’re still impressed by the unexpected beauty of this small unknown island. Unfortunately we had to leave earlier than planned – or stay longer than expected, thanks to a low-pressure area with gusty winds. It’s been a bit tricky to reach the Isle of Mull, but we finally did with a detour to Oban. Mull is kind of „Jurassic Park“: wild, secluded, spectacular. True heaven for landscape photographers. Click on the image or the following link to watch more photographs of Scotland:

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