»Stüber« is a common Swiss expression for a waterfall, falling from high above, fading while reaching the ground. To be honest, this waterfall did not fade in any way. It is a powerful, thundering, impressive and intimidating mass of ice cold water, coming from high up of the Säntis. Not easy to work, impossible to communictae. So, model and photographer need to knwo each other, need confide in one another and need to be familiar with the others way of working. Beyond question, Denisa Strakova is such a model, able to work in such a challenging surrounding.

Again, it has been a great pleasure to photograph her, while dancing in the blowing spray of this waterfall. Have a look:

Stübertanz, #1Stübertanz, #2Stübertanz, #3_D5A1863.jpg_D5A2107.jpgStübertanz, Epilog #1Stübertanz, Epilog #2