The St. Gotthard Pass/Passo del San Gottardo is one of the most important and well known mountain passes in the Alps, at an altitude of 2,106 m (6,909 ft). Connecting northern and southern Switzerland, Central Europe and Italy, the pass has been an important north-south axis in Europe, at least since the Middle Ages. The surrounding is a photographers dreamland: rounded boulders of gneiss, majestic mountains in the background, waterfalls, lakes and – not to forget – the historic buidings of the old Gotthard Hospice. My personal favorite is the historic cobblestone road, winding in numerous hairpin bends from the southern side – from Airolo (Ticino) – all its way up to the top since 1830. While modern traffic now rushes through the tunnels of the motorway and the new Gotthard Base Tunnel for the railway, the old road is a perfect place to work in a fascinating surrounding. Thanks to my models Zoi Morgan, Lily Gilbert, Aurora Sprengel (Poetic Minx) and Sophie, sharing the joy to work on such a special place.

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