Il faut se méfier de l’eau qui dort.

  • 17. August 2013

Nude shootings at waterfalls are always a challenge and a test of stoicism for both the model and photographer. Cold water, slippery stones and generally wild scenery are usually impressive enough. In addition, there is the force of the flowing water, which, at least for the model, is very demanding. I am also of the opinion that water in classical, fine art nude photography must flow. This means that the exposure time must be around 0.5 to 3 seconds. Standing or dancing poses are impossible. It is essential to find poses which are more or less easy to hold and which have as much contact with the ground as possible. But even then, this can only be accomplished with models who can hold a pose very precisely – no matter what, or else excessive use of photoshop is required. The latter option contradicts my philosophy for photography. Beatrice can hold a pose like no other model, almost perfectly still even in the most difficult conditions.This makes it possible to create pictures with a surreal mood and have caused some of my colleagues to doubt my honesty about my techniques. The challenge involved in such extreme pictures is not in mastering photoshop, but rather to be perfectly concentrated, use gray graduated filters with precision, and achieving a wordless understanding between model and photographer. Because you can´t hear each other above the roaring water anyway.

Merci Beatrice, thanks Steffi.

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