Rocky hills of Steinwald…

I’ve been a bit lazy regarding my blog entries this summer, I must admit. My first shoot of the year has been around mid May onto the lovely rolling hills of the Steinwald, which is a part of the region of Upper Palatinate, Eastern Bavaria. Never heard of? Well, it’s really worth a visit. Pretty medieval towns, mighty castles, hidden granite rocks in deep woodland and – of course – the famous bavarian beer are the main tourist attractions of that landscape north of Nuremberg. Well, beer is not my cup of tea – I prefer the latter, but the locations for shoots are exquisite. Usually you will be all alone, if you don’t mind one or two retirees, climbing these amazing rock faces with a rather playful and enviable ease. So, this was perfect to get back into my flow – which is always a bit rusty after a long winter break – and to get back spirit again. Thank you Xantholora for daring to work with me two days in these secluded hills and for making it so easy and enjoyable.


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