Анна on roman walls

  • 4. Oktober 2013

Anna is an actress, performing in theaters in Paris, St. Petersburg and Moscow. She also works as an  international fashion model for an agency located in Barcelona, which requires her to travel all through Europe. That’s why I was especially pleased that she found time to drop by for a short session in the Hegau.

I must admitt that I was sceptical at the start whether the shooting would go as I planned. Language barriers, limited time and mainly the fact that fine art nude photography wasn´t her speciality made me have doubts about the outcome. But her relaxed attitude in her emails banished all doubts. “Let’s try!“

There was no time for spectacular locations. However, this wasn´t even necessary. Already during the short drive from Schaffhausen to Tengen, Anna was throroughly enthusiastic about the scenery.
Cows on the roadside, green forests, orchards, you just pick an apple from the tree… for someone who is otherwise at home in the metropolises of Europe, this was a huge portion of nature, almost overkill.

благодарю́! (“Thank you!“) Anna, also thanks to Michael for assisting.

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