»Ach« is a widespread hydronym for »running water« in the alpine region, usually asociated with a noticeable gradient of the stream. Several of these are my favored locations in the immediate vicinity of my home, in Eastern Switzerland and Vorarlberg, as there are the Kolbenach or the Rotach, which I love most. It’s the comfortable combination of being (fairly) easy to reach and the »mix of different patterns« on the ground. Pebble stones, rushing water, rocky outcrops and small waterfalls create a wonderful scenery. Despite the fact that most of these places are alongside well known hiking trails one could work more or less undetected for hours and hours. For whatever reason, apparently people don’t look down into gorges – fortunately. Credits to my models: Sophie, Bianca-Sarah, Ela Klein, Conny and Denisa Strakova and Sonya Lynn, coming over all the way from Singapore to the gorges of Vorarlberg.

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