Zen trees packed in snow

  • 26. Januar 2016

Didn’t we all think there will be now winter at the Bodensee (Lake Constance) this season? Well, there was – at leat a few days. So I forced myself to crawl out of bed in the very early morning for a couple of days to do some calligraphy around the Lake. I really enjoyed these morning hours at the Bodensee and in the rolling Linzgau hills. A calm and quiet landscape, frozen over and packed in snow. Black snow clouds rushing by, wrapping everything in a cotton wool like surrounding in seconds. Suddenly disappearing as fast as they came and giving space for bright morning light. Nice to know as well, that there are still places around, where you can be all alone for a couple of hours. Walking through a wintery snowy landscape without meeting anyone, looking around for shapes and contrasts, freezing on the right place for the perfect light and waiting until the camera did its work is pure meditation, pure Zen. I loved it.
Following you will find some recent black & white images from theses rare winter days at the Bodensee. Please find some more images in the galleries. photocrati gallery

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