Trip to the Baltic Sea

  • 4. Oktober 2013

How long have we been planning this shooting trip to the Baltic Sea? Finally it worked out, and even better, Frank and I had help (and nourishment) from Dieter. Frank and I have already known each other for several years, but until now our friendship was limited to several cups of coffee in the  historic center of Stralsund and chats about photography per mail. What I am doing at Lake Constance, he is doing at the Baltic Sea, mainly in the Fischland-Darß-Zingst region.

Photoshootings at the sea have always interested me, and whenever it was possible, I tried to organize a session or two at the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Working here is completely different than working at a lake or in the mountains. Reflectors are constantly being blown away by the sea breeze, the light is more intense and the flat horizon without a background requires a different sort of concept. It’s good when you have a helping hand who knows what to do. In addition, wokring with colleagues is far less intensive than working only with a model. Looking back, I spent much more time talking about techniques and ideas with my colleagues, or watching them take pictures while I sat in the sand, than photographing myself. So at the end of the day, I didn´t even have one full memory chipcard. That’s fine though. I will always have happy memories of this day and am looking forward to letting the little session at the beach become a habit.

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