Dutch-Canadian grace meets Black Forest granite

  • 26. August 2014

The first images from the shooting with Fredau Hoekstra in the overcast mountainsides of the Black Forest. Good that we had tea, coffee and „Maultäschle“ (Swabian ravioly) to warm us up. Originally we had planned a shooting in the Swiss Alps. But the inclement weather (as so often was the case this summer) forced us to change plans. Shooting at Lake Constance wasn’t an option either, because there was more than enough of both mosquitos and water. Currently the water level is about 1 meter higher than usual. A beach shooting therefore was out of the question. So we had to stay away from the bloodthirsty pests and the water (in the lake and from above). Fredau is one of the few Dutch who hasn’t been to the Black Forest yet. No sooner said than done, here are the results of a wonderful day despite the cool temperatures up there:


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