Give me five!

  • 12. November 2014

Sometimes, when you get a lack of ideas and creativity, you need the right model at the right time. Iris is the perfect model to win back a swinging rhythm and work entirely stress relieved. She’s the one guilty for these „Give me five“-sequences, which I will put on my agenda for future photo shootings. As I saw her moving at this old pier, each posing worth a photo, I decided to keep my finger on the shutter release – well of course no „full automatic fire“, but a constant flow of movings and releasing. This „freestyling“ is definitively not the usual way of my workflow, which is rather slow and elaborate. But we had such a huge fun with it, that we implemented an other series in a picked apple plantation. The results are two sets of photos entirely different than my usual portfolio. This is back to the basics. Easily done, with just a tripod, nice light, a brilliant model, no retouching, no bombastic setting, no tricky lighting, … I love them a lot. Hope you do as well.

Btw. You remember the ridiculous story with Ella Rose and the Deutsche Bahn? Well, I have an other one. Iris was on her way from Austria to my place and got stranded at Lindau, the first station behind the border. So I had to pick her up from kind of „a lost place station“  in the middle of the night. Thanks this time to the GDL for going on strike and thanks to the DB for not installing „Ersatzfahrten“ for travellers.



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