Lulu Lockhart and the red rocks of Palatinate Forest

  • 18. Mai 2015

Well, what should I say? I just came back from a trip to the red rocks and green hills of the Palatinate Forest to meet up and work with Lulu Lockhart and Peter Grüner and I am still overwhelmed. I had two fantastic days between the stunning sandstone walls and pillars around Pirmasens, Dahn and Hauenstein with loads of great photographs in the bag and two new friends which I wouldn’t do without. If you’ll take a close look on some of the first pictures from this amazing weekend, you will eventually recognize a slight difference. The sharp-eyed among you will notice, that some pictures are not made with my beloved available light only. Thanks to Peter, I had the pleasure to try a „Profoto portable flash“. To be honest … I loved working with it, and I am „flashed“ by the results. So, help please .. any sponsors out there?

To cut a long story short, here are some first the results (more to come):photocrati gallery


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