Rocks – Dolomiten Nude Session

  • 25. Juli 2013

A nude shooting in the high alpine region for several days? A model, who I only know through a few short emails and two phone calls and who has never had a nude shooting before… can that turn out well? In order to find that out, you will have to try it. That is just what we did and met between Vienna and Lake Constance, in the Dolomite Mountains. I was a bit nervous as the train rolled in. Who will get out? I could immediately tell this would work well, very well.

However, the weather did not share this opinion. The last few meters of the 3-hour climb into the middle of the wildest part of the Sextener Dolomites were accompanied by thunder and lightning. The snow around our alpine cottage was piled meter-high following a record-breaking winter. The paths to the climbing routes were practically not passable without ice-climbing gear, which we had left in the car. So we had to improvise. The locations which we had chosen were not reachable. Instead of the mountain ridge we had to settle for quiet spots near the cottage. I think we made the best of that situation. The advantage of this was that we didn´t have to carry around heavy equipment and the food was always within reach. The summary of the last three days: approx. 500 raw pictures, delicious food and therefore I didn´t lose a pound, long discussions about past mountain tours and planned future routes… and even a small peak for the route book. We definitely have to do this again.photocrati gallery

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