Sacrifice for Art

  • 18. August 2014

After a 1000 km trip through Germany, when the alarm clock rings at 4:30 am, I wonder why am I doing this? But anyway I forced myself out of bed and packed my bag and dragged myself to the hotel lobby. Dieter and our model Janine were already waiting bright eyed and bushy tailed. Hell, I need some coffee – but where can I get some at this hour? I´ll just have to do without. When we arrived at the beach my fatigue still hadn’t disappeared. So I let Dieter and Janine start working first, until I could recover from my alarm shock. I had already prepared a few ideas the evening before, so that made things easier.  Janine with her wonderful physical sense contributed in a positive way. It was a nice morning and even better, the hotel served breakfast until noon.


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