Swiss days with Romi Muse

Swiss days with Romi Muse

  • 2. September 2015

I managed to spend three breathtaking days in the Swiss Alps with free flying bird Romi Muse, a Chile born travel nomad from Barcelona. Despite our consecutive melting in the merciless heat during these days, its been great fun to cool down when crawling underneath the unreal extraterrestrial world of ice fields, taking refreshing showers in roaring white waters rushing down from bizarrely shaped glaciers and lying on the „hot stone“s of solid red and black striped gneiss of the Urner Alpen and coming „home“ while the upcoming night starts crawling over the peaky mountain crests, reaching out with its skinny fingers for the last light of the day.

Not to forget a delicious blueberry pie (well to be honest, two pieces for each), cheesy Rösti during the alpenglow and Romis first taste of Rivella (… which is a famous Swiss soft-drink, (not kidding) made on the basis of whey/milk serum).

These days have been some sublime hours up there.
Thanks very much Romi, its been a pleasure.

I enjoyed it a lot.

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