A »green pharmacy« , the »natural lungs of the earth« and an »inexhaustible rejuvenator« – the healing power of forests is undisputed for centuries. A short walk in the woods is pleasant. The more unspoiled the forest, the more effective is the therapeutic effect of nature. Instead of rush and overstimulation, there is soothing calm under the green canopy. The air in forests helps with respiratory diseases, against high blood pressure and lessens the effects of burn-out syndrome, insomnia or depression – without any pharmacologically-related side effects. Thanks to the trees, thanks to the greenery all around, less stress hormones are released. The mind, overwhelmed by the fast-paced and digitized world is slowed down, to put it crudely. These »forest walks« usually occur in the nearby woods. We enjoy walking at Lake Constance a lot. The»Marienschlucht« was a favourite spot. The »Rheinauen« in Rheinland Palatinate as well, like the rolling hills of the »Yorkshire Dales«.

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