ocks – water – ice

Three characteristics of the Alps and three essential motifs of my work in the high mountains of Europe. Water certainly plays the most important role, preferably falling water.

Gneiss rocks and the ice of glaciers once formed the Alps. Especially the Urner Alps, right in the heart of Switzerland are one of my favourite regions. I love strolling around between the Sustenpass and the Passo San Gottardo. I love being up there, braving the elements, taking photographs with and without models or just sitting in complete silence and enjoying the majestic scenery which could originate from a J. R. R. Tolkien saga. Over the years, the working title »Horefelli«, what is an almost forgotten mountain pasture in a side valley of the river Gottardreuss, became a hypernym for my oeuvre in the amazing world of glaciers around the Sustenpass.


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