Thomas Bichler, photographer

Silent, subtle, minimalist and sometimes surreal and abstract-looking monochrome landscape photography in long exposure and minimalistic, artistic black and white nude photos are my passion. At best, I combine both genres in one picture, preferably at impressive natural locations in the Alps. Structures and forms of the surrounding landscape merge with body lines, waterfalls surround my models as a gently falling veil, hard stone contrasts with the delicate skin, wild mountain peaks with icy glaciers tower bulky over subtly staged elfish beings .

»Thomas is a multi-awarded black and white photographer (FIAP and PSA), living at Lake Constance in the south of Germany.«

Author, tutor for photography, speaker


Photographing nature and writing about it is the fulfillment of my professional desires. Could there be anything better than standing by the lake in the early morning, when autumn mist drifts and the landscape is bathed in a diffuse first light, then my black and white heart audibly beats faster, with the exception of a few birds there is usually no sound. Winter is even better for monochrome work. Then the colors of nature almost automatically dissolve into black and white structures and lines. If you now ask, what I’m doing in summer? I hike and climb mountains. If the weather does fit to my work, if it is too beautiful and even worse, if the sun also shines, then I also like to switch to color photography. My home at Lake Constance is a perfect area to work in colour. The nearby mountains of Switzerland and Vorarlberg or the vast landscapes of the north – Scotland, the Highlands and the island of the Hebrides and Orkneys and Scandinavia – always encourage me to switch mentally and photographically to the color mode.

Even if I like to stroll through nature alone, with and without a model, I like to pass on my knowledge in individual coaching and workshops and on Artistravel’s photo tours. The current dates and goals are shown here: Fotokurse & Coachings (german)

Thomas Bichler 

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