During winter I am drawn to the low mountain ranges to continue my work. It is always very relaxing work in a normally calm and peaceful environment. I think this slowed down mood is spreading to my models. I hope you can feel the closeness to nature and our roots, far away from today’s speed, volume and stress. This series is both photography and a form of recovery – paired with a spirit of discovery. Because the untouched landscapes with their rock pillars and boulders, with sharp edges and steep walls, have to be explored on foot. It’s more than photography, it’s always a stroll through forests and valleys until you see the perfect place. These pictures come from the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (“Stiegenland“), the Palatinate (“Altschloss” and “Drachenfels“), from granite blocks in the Black Forest, from the valleys in the Western Allgäu, from the Thuringian Forest and the Eifel and other low mountain ranges in Europe.

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