Valla Maggia, Valle Onsernone, Valle Verzasca … these valleys in southern Switzerlands canton Ticino are like a dreamland of every photographer, no matter if landscape or nude art. Huge granitboulders, smoothly polished like marble, lie scattered in thundering mountain streams. Waterfalls rush from immensely steep rock faces into the valley. Small, stone-walled villages hide in the shadows of towering mountain peaks. You would not believe it, if you would not see it with your own eyes. Unfortunately, the region is mostly overrun by tourists and photographers. In some places you feel like in the supermarket, having to pull numbers to get served. However, if you look closely, you’ll still find your space to work undisturbed, like I did with Jasmin in the upper parts of Valle Maggia. Fortunately, there is a small, secluded valley in the southern Black Forest, which is inferior to the world-famous valleys in Ticino, well at least in some places, like I could experience with Gamyui
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